Children's Programming on Live Well Network

A complete list of the children's programming on the Live Well Network.

Food for Thought

Young, enthusiastic and passionate about food, Claire Thomas is the 22 year old host who opens viewers' eyes to how everyday life can inspire culinary creations in Food for Thought. Each weekly half-hour, produced for ages 13-16, informs and educates teens about the power of food as a tool for exploring new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Claire serves as a role model for 13-16 year old viewers by showing her passion for her family, life, and healthy living by sharing stores in the kitchen. Creative inspiration can come from any place at any time -- sometimes from family, sometimes from friends, or even from bloggers needing her help.

No matter how exotic or local the location, she's always in search of new tastes and places to explore. Based on her unique perspective gathered throughout each episode, Claire will teach the audience how to prepare the "inspired" dish while promoting a healthy attitude towards food and life.

Everyday Health

In this weekly half-hour series developed and produced to educate and inform viewers ages 13-16, our hosts scan the country finding those who 'pay it forward' to promote health and wellness. The remarkable people that viewers meet are referred to as 'agents of change,' special individuals who are making big changes in people's lives, one small step at a time.

Everyday Health is a series that uniquely raises awareness to help fight obesity, raise self-esteem, establish physical fitness habits and prevent negative health choices. An inspirational program about people who confront challenges by taking control, Everyday Health, through captivating storytelling, reports on amazing teens and other selfless Americans who are 'paying it forward,' with good will and new ideas that will inspire other teens to take action.

Recipe Rehab

In this weekly half-hour competition-style series developed and produced to educate and inform viewers ages 13-16, it is chef against chef in a recipe makeover challenge. Viewers will submit their favorite, decadent, high-calorie, classic family recipes and two acclaimed chefs will face off in a head-to-head competition to give the recipes a low-calorie twist. The audience will learn the value of healthy, wholesome ingredients and how healthy food choices can have positive effects on our quality of life. Special guests will serve as judge and jury.

Each episode focuses on one career with an in-depth interview, a multi-faceted review, and career ranking. The importance of career guidance is highlighted in this series, which gives viewers a glimpse into the life of a different profession in each episode. As teens prepare for life after high school, Major Decision provides more information about the options available to them as adults.

Real Life 101

Real Life 101 is a weekly half-hour program designed and produced for children aged 13-16. Each episode finds hosts Christie and Shawn exploring new professions in the exciting world of work.

Real Life 101 presents real people pursuing real jobs and careers in an educational and informational format designed to help its viewers make important decisions about preparing for the future. The careers and people featured are carefully selected in order to present vivid impressions that can be used by the young audience. From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to career counselors, drug counselors and special effects wizards, Real Life 101 takes viewers "on the job" to understand why these professionals love what they do while teaching about jobs teens may not have known even existed.

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