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Meet the Williams!

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Meet the Williams!

Lateeka and Darrell know how to work hard and care for their two daughters, but when it comes to managing money they are mentally maxed out! With dreams of marriage put on hold due to failed finances, this couple needs Mary's help!

After dating for nearly a decade and raising two daughters, Lateeka and Darrell are ready to tie the knot.

The only thing standing in their way from walking down the aisle is an altar full of financial constraints. After cancelling two wedding dates due to lack of funds, this couple is left wondering whether their big day will ever happen.

Will Mary be the answer to their marital dreams?

The Williams Family: Couple's Wedding Dreams Come True

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From Blues to Big News
From Blues to Big News
When Mary meets Lateeka and Darrell, she quickly realizes that they need some guidance. After securing a commitment from the pair, Mary delivers the surprise of a lifetime.
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Race Against Time
Race Against Time
With little time to waste, Mary heads straight to the bridal salon with Lateeka! On her quest to say yes to the dress, Mary enlists the help of a very special guest.
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Wedded Bliss
Wedded Bliss
After 10 years of waiting, the big day has finally arrived. Are Lateeka and Darrell ready to merge their lives and wallets into one?
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