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Meet the Jarrett Family

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Meet the Jarrett Family

Meet the Jarretts! BJ and Dana have huge hearts but shrinking wallets. With the addition of their nieces and nephew, their finances have been completely stretched to the limit. They need Mary's help!

The Jarretts are a generous couples whose big hearts have sent their finances into shock. After their son Devon moved out to start his adult life, BJ and Dana could see their retirement dreams just over the horizon. But their plans for the future got put on hold with the unexpected additions of their nieces and nephew.

With three more mouths to feed and bodies to clothe, the Jarrett's expenses have shot through the roof. Humiliated by the fact that the bills aren't being paid on time, BJ has turned to pay-day loans with hopes that he can get his mortgage payments under control. Although BJ tries to shelter Dana from their struggles, the burden is becoming too much to bear. With aching wallets and retirement dreams paused, the Jarretts are desperately seeking relief from Mary.

The Jarrett Family

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Unforeseen Challenges Ahead
Unforeseen Challenges Ahead
BJ and Dana Jarrett are always giving of themselves to others. With unexpected changes in their situation, it's time for the couple to be on the receiving end of much needed advice from Mary.
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Mary's Food for Thought
Marys Food for Thought
Mary's rules leave the Jarretts glazed over as they come to a bitter realization.
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Hope on the Horizon
Hope on the Horizon
With BJ and Dana's rules underway, it's time for Mary to shift her attention to the kids. But before departing, she reroutes the Jarrett's money mindset.
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