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Meet the Anderson Family!

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Meet the Anderson Family!

Meet the Andersons! After nearly a decade of marriage and two young children, Anne and David have a picture perfect family. But the same can't be said about their finances. With opposing money mindsets and resentment fueled by both parties, it's time for Mary to restore the peace in this household.

After knowing each other for years, Anne and David's friendship blossomed into a romance. Now eight years later with two young boys, this couple has experienced a lot of life lessons - including the tough ones. Their vastly different views on how to manage money has been a challenging source of tension. With no savings account and a severe lack of communication, the Andersons are willing and eager for Mary's help.

The Anderson Family

Other segments featured on this episode of We Owe What:

Opposing Money Philosophies
Opposing Money Philosophies
Prior to laying down the rules, Mary tries to figure out how the Anderson's money philosophies were formed. After coming to a vital realization Mary gets tough with her rules.
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Cutting to Save
Cutting to Save
With the rules set in place, Mary helps the Andersons make some big cuts.
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The Big Picture
The Big Picture
After a successful trip out it's time to address the issues at home. When a difficult topic arises during Mary's final rule, how do the Andersons react?
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