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King of the Court

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King of the Court

Mary has got the Kussmans off to a great start, but now it's time to tackle the King! Will James be up for the challenge?

Mary brings in reinforcements to help James manage his Elvis collection more effectively. During the big clean-up Mary figures out why the Kussman bills are late! With advice tailored to each member of the family, Mary has painted a clear picture as to what they need to do. Are the Kussmans ready to connect the dots?

The Kussman Family

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Meet the Kussman Family!
Meet the Kussman Family!
Meet the Kussmans! Melody and James have a lot of passions but money management is not one of them. Unless their habits change, the duo will be forced to face the rocky road of bankruptcy once again. They need Mary's help!
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Sustainable Funding
Sustainable Funding
Before delving into her rules, Mary expresses sincere concerns with James' perception on finances. After striking a deal, Mary gets down to business.
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Taking Responsibility
Taking Responsibility
With Mary's rules in check, she takes a hands-on approach to generating income from Melody's artistic ways. Once she's through with mom, Mary paints Blade a disturbing picture of college life without financial backing.
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