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French-Inspired Cocktails from Cocktail Deeva

Cocktail Deeva is here to share cocktails perfect for before, during and after a delicious French dinner!

1) Fig Champagne

Three champagne glasses filled with champagne. Each has a slice of fig inside.

Slice figs and add them to a full champagne glass. Make a simple fig syrup and add one tablespoon to each champagne drink.

Fig syrup:

  • De-stem and quarter 10 figs
  • Add figs to a sauce pan with 3/4 cup dark brown sugar and 3/4 cup water. Mash the figs into the mix.
  • Once sugar has dissolved, simmer until thickened, about 30 minutes.
  • Pour through strainer into a sealable container.
  • Refrigerate for up to two weeks.
2) Fermented Plum Shrub

A mason jar-mug is filled with sugar. Beside it are two large glass jars; one is filled with plum chunks, the other is covered by a white cloth.

Fermented plum brandy goes back to the 17th century. Make use of fresh and ripe plums for this recipe.

  • Pit and chop plums. Add them to a large glass jar.
  • Add two cups of sugar into the jar.
  • Use the end of a wooden spoon to macerate plums.
  • Cover lid with cheesecloth and an elastic. Let plums ferment for two weeks on the counter.
  • After two weeks, pour in about two cups of brandy.
  • Store in the fridge and when serving strain out plums.
3) Plum Brandy Cocktail

A brandy glass is filled with a red drink and two slices of plums.

Add equal parts of plum shrub, brandy, sherry and bourbon to a glass. To serve to guests, add a large ice cube made from a mini muffin tray or a chunk of frozen fruit.

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