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Joey Fatone's Wine 101 Lesson

Joey Fatone's Wine 101 Lesson

The Wainwright family loves wine, so it only makes sense that one of them is a sommelier. Gretchen gives Joey a basic lesson in wine and wine-tasting, including tips for those who are new to drinking wine.

Gretchen brings a few benchmark wines for Joey to taste along with some foods that help bring out that wine's flavor profile. She pours wine into a glass and shows how it should be swirled around first and then smelled. The swirling is because the wine has been sitting in the bottle, possibly for a long time, and the movement helps wake up the wine's aromatics.

To begin, smell the wine and take in the aromas. Gretchen recommends experimenting with holding the wine glass as you smell, as different people will get more aromas at different angles.

When picking a wine glass, notice the shape of the wine bottle. Tall thin bottles taste best in bourdeaux glasses, which are taller and thinner, and wider bottles go in Burgandy glasses.

Here are the wines that Gretchen introduced and their flavors:

Sauvignon Blanc - crisp, clean with lots of citrus flavors

Burgandies - Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which are typically grown in the Burgandy region of France. These wines have more apple flavors with a buttery finish, depending on how they are fermented

Cabernet - rich full bodied wines made with Cabernet grapes, which have thicker skin

So, if you're not really into wine, but want to start drinking it, what does Gretchen recommend? She suggest Zinfindels, which can be a little more plush and fruity.

The good thing about the wine market now is that there's a lot of it, Gretchen says, is that there's a lot of it. She says you can head to your local grocery store and buy a bottle for $8.99 and get a really good wine.

Also, instead of storing your wine standing up, store them on their sides so that the cork doesn't dry out, which will make it difficult to open. It also helps to have a wine cellar with high humidity.

What is Gretchen's favorite wine? She says it's whatever's in her glass, and it's influenced by who she's with and where she is. But she also loves champagne!

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