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Frostbitten Collard Greens

Complete Episode: Frostbitten Collard Greens
Fred Thompson is a chef and food author from Raleigh, North Carolina. His mother's recipe for collard greens is a southern classic but one that she held secret for 20 years. Joey joins Fred and his son-in-law Kyle at their home to prepare this delicious recipe.
Fred's 86-year-old mother would trekked from Greensboro to Smithfield every collard season to the same farmer's field to pick and cut her own collards. Not just any collards, but cabbage collards, a variety that's a bit sweeter. She would fill her trunk and spend days cooking and freezing the cooked collards.

Her secret was shining the greens -- taking the white stuff that rises to the top of the pot and add it back to the collards. Fred says it is essential to great collards.

His son-in-law Kyle, a local chef, won a local collard cooking contest with a recipe similar to his mom's. For more information visit

Fred is coming out with a new cookbook this spring. Check out his YouTube video -- "Grilling with Gas."

More information on the history and health benefits of collard greens:


Segment 1
Getting The Greens
Getting The Greens
What are collard greens? Joey hooked up with Fred and Kyle at a farmer's market in Raleigh to find out. He learns why Fred's mom kept her recipe secret for over 20 years.
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Segment 2
Greens Anatomy
Green's Anatomy
At home in Fred's kitchen, Joey learns that preparing collards aren't as tough as many people think.
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Segment 3
Cooking Em Down to Size
Cooking 'Em Down to Size
Fred and Kyle throw Joey a "collards curve ball" by pairing this traditional dish with a big, fat steak!
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Segment 4
Green Shine and Orange Shine
Green 'Shine' and Orange 'Shine'
Joey learns the final step to a delicious family recipe. He also tries another southern spirit -- the Orange Shine.
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Segment 5
Frostbitten Collard Greens
Frostbitten Collard Greens
Fred Thompson, chef and food author, shares his mother's recipe for collard greens -- a southern classic.
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