Motion Guest Hike

Are you ready to get into the great outdoors and explore the beauty of America? We are looking for some fun viewers to help Greg and the crew shoot an episode! This is your chance to enter and possibly go on the road with Motion! Fill out the form below, post a short video to YouTube showing us your personality and you might be chosen to join Greg and the crew on an upcoming Motion-shoot. Be sure to include the states, national parks, and countries that you've visited. It helps us to know where someone might be a good fit for a particular episode location! Remember, less traveled people are NOT at a disadvantage for selection! You can also nominate someone who you think needs to get outside more or hasn't had a chance to see much of the country. The Live Well Network will cover airfare, travel expenses, meals and lodging. All you need to do is sign up today and get ready to get in Motion!

*In order to be considered for the show, all applications must include video of potential guest hikers. Videos only need to be a few minutes long and can be shot on a phone. Submissions without video will not be considered for the show.

First Name:
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Fitness Level:
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2. I am occassionally active
3. I am very active
Outdoor Experience Level:
1. Never really camped or backpacked
2. Limited camping/outdoor experience
3. Varied experiences in the outdoors
What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Do you have any fear of the outdoors?
Why do you want to come?
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