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Death Valley Racetrack

Complete Episode: Death Valley Racetrack
It's one of the hottest, driest, places in the world and over 90 percent of this national park is designated wilderness. With a great network of backcountry roads and a local jeep rental company, we get off the beaten path to discover Death Valley's hidden secrets. From the mysterious moving rocks to long forgotten ghost towns and a hike around the bizarre Ubehebe Crater, there are endless possibilities to explore this extreme landscape well beyond where the pavement ends.
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Death Valley: Beyond The Pavement
Death Valley: Beyond The Pavement
The main highways in Death Valley National Park will lead you to some spectacular locations but the true beauty and mystique of this rugged landscape can only be found by accessing one of it's many backcountry roads.
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Segment 2
A Modern Day Mystery
A Modern Day Mystery
Those who brave the long journey to the Racetrack Playa are rewarded with the famous Moving Rocks. Still unproven by science, these rocks mysteriously slide around the playa floor.
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Segment 3
Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past
On your long drive back to civilization, make sure to check out the amazing Ubehebe Crater. Volcanic explosions long ago, created an otherworldly landscape with a beautiful network of trails to explore.
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Segment 4
Exploration Tips
Exploration Tips
Wild, remote and extreme are all great ways to describe Death Valley. And while the main roads will lead you to some amazing attractions, the true wild beauty exists way beyond where the pavement ends. Greg gives you the tips and tricks to turn a Death Valley vacation into an adventure you will remember forever.
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