Greg Aiello

Host of 'Motion'

Greg Aiello
Greg Aiello was born to be in the wild. Greg grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California near Yosemite National Park. At an early age, he and his older brother, Jeff (producer of Motion) ventured into the High Sierra to explore, backpack, fish and climb.

At 21, Greg went to work in the television industry as writer/producer for local broadcast affiliates around the country including WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida and KPHO in Phoenix. But his love for the mountains brought him back to California where he left the TV business behind to become a professional mountain guide specializing in long-duration trips on the famous John Muir Trail which runs from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney in the southern range of the Sierra.

As an accomplished mountaineer, Greg's experience in the backcountry field-craft is deep. In addition to his extensive time in California's mountains, Greg has summited Mt. Aconcogua in Argentina, climbed in the southern Alps of New Zealand, ventured through Australia's outback, explored the jungles of Costa Rica and spent 10 days on the Galapogos Islands in the Pacific.

Today, Greg, 39, lives in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains of California where he still guides when he's not filming for Motion. He also enjoys snowboarding in the winter, playing his guitar, songwriting and traveling... go figure!

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