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Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Stories

Some of us spend out whole lives struggling with our weight. Here are four women who set a goal and saw success on the scale.

"I was wearing a size 14, and they were getting too tight, and so I had to either go buy a size 16 or start losing weight, and I decided to start losing weight," says Lisa Arnold.

She kicked off that year with a resolution to get healthy and headed to the gym. She hired personal trainer Monica Iles for weight training twice a week.

"Weight training is important because if you just lose the weight, the elasticity in your skin isn't going to be as great," says Iles.

Monica switches up Lisa's routine. Sometimes, she does heavy weight with low reps, sometimes light weight with high reps, and sometimes pilates.

Dr. Vadim Sherman says varying workouts is beneficial.

"By switching up a weight routine, you have the opportunity to throw your body off balance, work harder, use more energy, which then results in more weight loss," he says.

Lisa also changed her diet. "That was the most difficult thing for me because I realized I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition," she says.

"Diet is probably the most important thing that is going to decide what your weight is and how much weight loss you are going to have," Dr. Sherman says.

Her meals balance lean protein, vegetables, and good carbs, like whole grains, eating six times a day.

"The combination of those types of nutritional choices with small portions is what's going to decide majority of weight loss," Dr. Sherman adds.

Within nine months, Lisa lost the weight.

"These are my old jeans. They're a size 14, and my goal was to be a size 10, and now I'm a size 2." Lisa says proudly.

Jackie Aitken wasn't feeling herself.

"I kind of lost my life mojo -- I lost all my life energy -- all the buzz that made me, me," she recalls.

So, she first incorporated Bikram yoga.

"Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. By the time you've worked all 26 postures, you've literally worked every gland, organ, joint, muscle in the body," says instructor Sheri Goodland.

But what makes Bikram different than other yoga glass is the 100-plus degree temperatures.

"The sweat itself -- a lot of detoxifying going on with that. The heat keeps you safe because you're more supple. It helps build the circulation in your body," explains Sheri.

Jackie wanted to take her lifestyle to the next level, so three months ago, she did a 30-day vegan challenge.

When the 30 days was over she felt so much better, she made it a lifestyle.

Now, she is a raw vegan, which means she only eats raw vegetables. In three months, she's lost 25 pounds.

"My energy -- I'm just bursting. I can't believe the difference in me. I smile. I just got me back, and I actually lost me," she says.

Lizzy Langley was inspired by her sisters' success.

"I was big, I was lazy, I felt sluggish, and I didn't realize I was like that until I saw everyone else around me losing weight," says Lizzy.

For Carrie Hall, it was her husband's encouragement.

"I actually felt pretty terrible. I had just had twins. I had reached that limit with myself that said, 'Alright, this is it. You need to find something and stick with it'," she says.

Both women started cross fit twice a week.

"Crossfit is a combination of functional movements -- so anywhere from Olympic lifting to gymnastic or agility work all combined into one workout," says Katie Russell, Crossfit Coach.

Both women acclimated to their new workout, had success, and once they changed their eating habits their results were drastic.

"Paleo is a way of eating that we recommend to our clients. It's eating meats, vegetable, fruit, nuts, a little starch, no sugar. Crossfit and Paleo works for these two women because they have fun with it. They found a passion for it. And so that's what keeps them on track," Katie explains.

Dr. Sherman adds, "The key to success for weight loss is lifestyle. That means small portions, healthy nutritional choices, and a good level of activity. When you balance those, you can lose weight and most importantly keep the weight off."

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