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Time Saving Beauty Swaps

Time Saving Beauty Swaps

If you love your beauty products or processes, but just don't have time for them, try some of these alternatives!

Owner of The Upper Hand Salon, Rachel Gower, sums it up perfectly, "There are so many ways to be beautiful, and so little time."

So, what's a girl to do? Here are some time-saving alternatives to some time-consuming beauty processes:

If you love...
Microdermabraision ($100 or more, an hour+ in the spa)
Save time with...
Dermalogica Daily Mircofoliant (about $50 per bottle, add to your regular daily cleanser)

If you love...
Deep conditioning treatments (a trip to the salon or extra hour while you're there)
Save time with...
Kerastase Serum Nuit (a few minutes to apply before bedtime, leave in overnight)

If you love...
Manicures (a trip to the salon and hour+ while you're there)
Save time with...
Sally Hansen 5-in-1 polish (one coat is a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color and top coat in one)

If you love...
Chemical peels (around $100, a trip to the spa and return visits before you see results)
Save time with...
A daily routine of glycolic cleanser, vitamin c serum and glycolic lotion

If you love...
Keratin hair treatments (several hundred dollars and several hours in the salon)
Save time with...
Keratin Express treatment (about $125 and an hour in the salon, however, results don't last as long)

For more information, contact:
The Upper Hand Salon

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