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Surf Pounds Away with New Indoor Surfing Fitness Trend

Surf Pounds Away with New Indoor Surfing Fitness Trend

Surf's up to a new workout that requires no water, no sand, no swimsuits, and no sharks. The surfset indoor surfing workout will help you burn 500 to 800 calories an hour while challenging your balance and your core muscles.

"Surfset Fitness is a new way to workout. It's a surf-inspired workout. So, what does that mean? It means you're on a surfboard connected to three bosu balls and then that's attached to a baseboard," explains Surfset owner Rina McNeill.

She and her husband Chris decided to own a local Surfset after seeing it on the ABC reality show, Shark Tank.

"We thought, 'This is awesome.' We are always looking for something new and a challenge, and we thought, 'We're doing this.' We went ahead and ordered the boards, they arrived, we took them out of the box, jumped on, and said, 'Uh oh. We've got to practice first," she says.

After months of practice, their new business was born.

"People are always looking for something new. This is definitely brand new, and it's hitting the nation. It's a craze." says Rina.

Fitness Competitor Tierra Ward uses Surfset in addition to her weight and cardio routine.

"With this type of workout, it does nothing but condition  help those lines, those small muscles come in, and I'll be on the stage just trying to work it," she says.

Amy Hughes loves surfing and plans to be stronger next time she rides the waves.

"I feel like I'm already building up my core muscles, so I know I'll have better balance. I know I'll have better strength," she says.

Courtney Moore uses the stationary surfboard to prepare for pageants.

"It helps me just stay in shape and helps me get a great body that I can't just get in a gym somewhere," she says.

"It's resistance. It's balance. It's cardio. It's strength," says Rina."We do everythying you can think of on the surfboard." The reason it's challenging is because being on the surfboard requires you to engage your core the whole time you're exercising.

How many calories can someone burn in a class? Rina says anywhere between 500-800 calories, but don't think that it's going to teach you how to surf.

"It's surf-inspired, so it will give you the strength you need in your core to try to get on the board& but it's so much fun and you can certainly get out there and try and have a blast doing it," Rina says.

For more from Rina and Surfset Houston, visit surfsethouston.com.
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