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How To Wear Maxi Dresses All Year

How To Wear Maxi Dresses All Year

Love your comfortable, flattering summer maxi dress or skirt? Transition it to fall and winter with these easy style tips.

"To quote Rachel Zoe, a style icon, 'A maxi is the perfect way to feel comfortable and be glamorous at the same time'," says blogger and stylist Valerie Anderson.

They're also a great way to 'maxi-mize' your wardrobe because you can wear one year round.

"The key to transitioning a maxi from season to season is definitely layers. Regardless of the cut, color, print, style, you have to have a way to incorporate different layers into it," Val says.

Valerie demonstrates one maxi dress that can go from summer to fall or winter. The bold print and colors make it easy to transition this piece to the colder months. In the summer, Valerie would accesorized the dress with sandals, a hat, sunglasses and beach tote. For the fall and winter, Valerie put a simple white shirt over the dress, along with a black motorcycle jacket and a printed infinity scarf.

A stripe printed maxi can also be transitioned to the fall with a white button-down shirt and a demin vest. Valerie also takes a special-occasion emerald green maxi that's a halter in the summer time to an elegant evening piece for the winter by turning it around backward and adding a printed jacket and jewelry.

For the fall, take a plain maxi skirt, and add layers like a jacket and a scarf. Valerie pairs a simple black maxi with a statement necklace, strappy heels and a clutch for the summer, but transitions the dress for colder weather with textured tights and black blazer.

Here are some of her styling tips:

  • Pick a color, style, pattern, and fabric appropriate for any season. That means avoiding fluorescents, pastels, sheer fabrics, asymmetrical cuts - unless you're comfortable pulling off a fashion-forward out-of-season look.
  • To wear a maxi in fall or winter, add a lot of layers.
  • Consider layering a blouse over your maxi and tying it at the waist.
  • Layer a fitted blouse under your maxi, then top with a jacket or sweater.
  • Put on a pair of printed or textured tights to make your maxi more cool-weather appropriate.
  • Swap summer sandals for pumps or booties.
  • Use scarves for pops of color or warmth.
  • Don't forget the accessories: belts, jewelry, and handbags.

"Maxi dresses are timeless. They've been around for decades. It's something you can wear all year round," says Valerie.

For more from stylist and blogger Valerie Anderson, visit Style To Envy. Special thanks to Chloe Dao boutique.

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