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Healthy Family-Friendly Recipes and Eating Tips from a Mom and Health Coach

Healthy Family-Friendly Recipes and Eating Tips from a Mom and Health Coach

If "you are what you eat," then our kids are what we cook! Hear from "The Nutrition Mom" on how to improve your family's diet and learn how she changed her family's unhealthy eating habits and even started her own business as a result.

"I was a junk food junkie. I grew up on prepackaged food and that was really how I fed my family, too," says health coach Stephanie Merchant.

"It was more important to me at that point to get to the next event on time than to have a nutritious meal. I used my microwave a lot. I wasn't very comfortable in the kitchen and I never shopped in the produce section because that food went bad too fast!" she says.

Then at age 40, she found herself more than 50 pounds overweight.

"My father had passed away when he was 39 of heart disease. My mom has high blood pressure and diabetes. Not only at that point was I headed down that same path, that's what I was setting my kids up for," she says.

Knowing that she was the example for her kids, Stephanie took action. She focused on learning about nutrition and bring in healthy foods into her family's diet.

"I really focused on myself at first, and then slowly I made the changes in these household. One step at a time I started to incorporate more things," she says.

As soon as her family was on-board, Stephanie wanted to share her knowledge with others. At the age of 42, she decided to go back to school to become a health coach and "The Nutrition Mom" was born. She meets with families in person or via the internet to help them make healthier choices.

"I really meet people where they are. Maybe they have a lifetime of habits behind them. Maybe it's their five year old that's digging in their heels because they only want to eat chicken, macaroni, and cheese," she says. "I really work with people on resetting those habits and sharing these quick and easy recipes and showing that it doesn't have to be so difficult."

Stephanie shaed a few of her favorite five-minute meals that your kids will love and will get you on the path to eating healthier:

Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Meatless Taco Salad with Dairy-Free Cashew Sour Cream

Banana Chocolate Soft-Serve Non-Dairy Ice Cream

For more from Stephanie, visit TheNutritionMom.com.
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