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Embellishing T-Shirts

Embellishing T-Shirts

Sometimes a plain t-shirt is just boring! Here are a few crafty ways to embellish yours, so it looks less basic and more beautiful!

Image Consultant Sarah Shah shows us these simple projects:

T-Shirt Flowers:

  • Start with plain t-shirt -- it can be old or new.
  • Look around your house to see if you have some other old shirts or fabric that coordinates with the first shirt you picked. rt.
  • Cut the extra shirts and/or fabric into a small stack of fabrics (about three layers).
  • Pin a paper pattern of a flower on the stack.
  • Cut the fabric around the pattern. It doesn't have to be perfect because a flower isn't perfect.
  • Take the pins off and now you have a stack of fabric flowers.
  • Choose the fabric you want on top and get your sewing needle and thread.
  • Sew a line down the center of each stack of flowers (almost like sewing flower in half) and pull the thread so the petals bunch and stand up a little. Tie off thread.
  • The next step is optional: making the center of each flower. Grab an extra piece of fabric, make a little "balloon" the size of a penny, cut the fabric.
  • Grab some thread and a needle, wrap around the 'balloon' and sew the ends together, as if you're tying the balloon. It doesn't have to be perfect because no one will see!
  • Wrap the flower around the 'balloon' and sew the balloon and flower together by stitching it from the back.
  • Repeat this process until four to five flowers are made.
  • Put on your t-shirt to figure out where you want to place the flowers.
  • Pin the flowers on the shirt and then change back out of the shirt.
  • Then, sew the flowers onto the shirt!
Fringe Tee:
  • Start with a plain t-shirt.
  • Place the t-shirt around an ironing board.
  • Fold the hem up so the hem is right at the bust line. Then fold it again.
  • Then pin it in place to make sure the fringe is even on the shirt. You don't want the tee moving around as you make your cuts.
  • Start cutting each fringe right through the fold. Cut the pieces about one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch apart.
  • While cutting, make sure the t-shirt and folds are flat. If it's wrinkled, the fringe will be uneven.
  • Unroll your shirt and you have fringe that's about 18" long around the whole shirt.
  • Wear the fringe tunic over another t-shirt (plain, striped, long sleeve, or whatever you like)!
Thermal With An Embellished Sleeve:
  • Start with a plain thermal shirt. Then, look for other old clothes with sleeves that coordinate. Sarah picks a black shirt with ruffles and a shirt with stripes.
  • Cut the ruffles and a little extra fabric past the seam from the ruffled shirt.
  • Cut the striped shirt to the elbow.
  • Layer the black ruffled cuff under the sleeve of the thermal, line up the seams and pin.
  • Then, add the striped shirt over, lining up the seams and pin again.
  • Cut a little past the seam of the buttons on the black shirt.
  • Pin the button strip onto the sleeve on the opposite side of the seams.
  • Now comes the sewing... sew down one side of the buttons, around, back down, and up the buttons.
More information about Sarah Shah visit www.sarahshah.com.

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