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Eight Simple Wardrobe Tweaks That Will Make You Look Instantly Thinner

Eight Simple Wardrobe Tweaks That Will Make You Look Instantly Thinner

If you haven't lost the weight yet, don't fret. Here are simple tips to dress yourself skinny by making simple changes to your wardrobe that will help you look thinner!

Image Artist Sarah Shah says many people think the only way to slim down is to go on a diet and exercise routine. But she says you can lose 10, 20 or even 30 pounds just by changing the way you wear your clothes.

Here area few tips from her book - Dress Yourself Skinny.

1. Don't add too much volume.
When we're self conscious about part of our bodies, we tend to cover it up, but Sarah says this can lead to extra volume in our clothes that actually make us look heavier.

Instead, choose cuts that nip in at the thinnest part of your body - either your waist or right below your bustline.

2. Be Smart About Patterns
Avoid patterns with a lot of horizontal lines, and instead opt for something more asymmetrical to cover flaws.

3. Pick a V
Sarah adds that a v-neck always makes you look skinnier, no matter what you're wearing.

4. Create The Illusion Of An Hour-Glass Figure
The ideal shape for a woman is an hourglass. When we look in the mirror, this is the shape we are hoping to see. Hardly anyone is really an hourglass, so most of us are disappointed when we look in the mirror.

An hourglass figure means your hips and bust/shoulders are about the same width, and your waist is smaller (about three-quarters of the width of your hips). Using your clothes, create the illusion of an hourglass. You may even need to add bulk to your hips and/or shoulders (with ruffles, fabric, patterns) to make your hips hourglass proportion.

5. Smooth Out The Lumps
A lumpy body makes you look fat, no matter what size you wear. When you smooth the lumps, you automatically look slimmer. Some underwear can dig in and cause you to look lumpier than you are.

Choose underwear that lies smoothly on your body. Body smoothers can help, but beware of ones that squeeze around the top and bottom and make new lumps you don't normally have.

6. Find A Fit That Floats Along Your Body
We look "fat" when our clothes pull, tug and gape. Button-down shirts are tricky to wear and cause a lot of these problems. Instead of buttoning the whole shirt, wear a camisole underneath and just button one button under the bust line or waistline.

7. Adjust Your Bra
As your bra wears out, it sags blurring the line between your bust and waist. Tighten your bra band and adjust the straps to bring your bust back in place. Ideally, your breasts should be inside your ribcage, with nipples about halfway between your arm pit and elbow. When the girls are in place, your waistline is visible and you look slimmer.

8. Make Yourself Look Taller
A 150 pound woman who is 6 feet tall looks slimmer than a 150 pound woman who is 5 feet tall. When you look taller, you automatically look thinner.

Here are a few ways to look taller:
  • replace horizontal lines with diagonal or vertical lines.
  • Wear colors that are similar in value (meaning darkness or lightness) for a modern monochromatic look. You don't have to wear all black, instead mix navy, burgundy, eggplant, charcoal, chocolate, forest green.
  • Wear shoes that are similar to your leg/pants color.
  • Wear a shoe with a heel or platform sole. Even a half-inch makes a difference.
When you make these changes to your clothes and see how good you look already, you might be motivated to make healthier choices in your food and exercise routine after all.

For more from Sarah, visit sarahshah.com and dressyourselfskinny.com.

Special thanks to Dillard's.
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