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Cool Weather Colors

Cool Weather Colors

When cool weather hits, we break out black, brown, and boring-colored clothing. This year, brighten it up by adding the colors of the season!

Color expert Lauren Battistini knows that fashion isn't black and white. In fact, every season has an official color collection put together by Pantone. Here's the color report for Fall:

Tangerine Tango
Lauren says: It's just got a brightness and vivid quality. Use it in color blocking. The key to mixing tangerine tango is to wear it with other colors that carry the same intensity.

Rhapsody and Rose Smoke
Lauren says: Rhapsody is this season's lavender. It's soft, it's powdery. There's nothing loud about it. It's not an attention grabbing color. It's a safe color to wear for most women. We're seeing it paired a lot with Rose Smoke, which is a pale pink.

Bright Chartreuse
Lauren says: Bright Chartreuse is this season's tricky color, because it's a little bold for most women, especially women who are afraid of color. Pair it with neutrals, so it doesn't look too obnoxiously bright. However, it's so versatile you can even put another bold color with it, like bright aqua.

Olympian Blue
Lauren says: What I like about it is that it's not quite as bold as cobalt so more people can wear it. Try it mixed into patterns. Wear gold or silver as accessory accents.

Ultramarine Green
Lauren says: All skin tones can wear this color. We're seeing it in a lot of accessories, though it can be worn head to toe. Try mixing it with a black and white to incorporate touches of the color. Pick an accessory in this color and invest in it, because this is a color that I see being worn for years to come.

French Roast
Lauren says: Where in years past, we've seen a lot of black and white, this year, we're seeing as a neutral French Roast, which is essentially brown. What I like is brown can be mixed perfectly well with black, with white, and with creams.

Lauren says: Honeygold is this season's yellow. Not very many women can wear this color well. The key is to combine this color with other colors.

Pink Flamb�
Lauren says: This season's pink is called Pink Flamb�. Try pairing it with animal prints. Black also serves as the perfect neutral against this still-vivid color. If you want to wear less of it, buy pink flamb� accessories.

Lauren says: Titanium is this season's gray. It's a pewter color. It's worn best in silky fabrics and I recommend it for women who have a fair complexion who don't look great in harsh black. It's a great alternative to black, yet it mixes well with black. Titanium looks best with rhinestone jewelry or silver jewelry.

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Lauren Battistini
Owner  Color My Closet

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Pantone color reports:

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