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Change Up Your Workout Routine with these Challenging Ball Exercises

Change Up Your Workout Routine with these Challenging Ball Exercises

These simple exercises use any kind of ball you have around the house and will definitely challenge your core muscles as you workout.

"Medicine ball, basketball, grab whatever kind of ball you have at home. I love using a ball because it's really going to force you to use your core muscles," says personal trainier Dewayne Malone.

Here are three exercises that Dewayne recommends to switch up your workout routine and give yourself a challenge using a ball.

Exercise #1: Mountain Climbers
1. Put both hands on your ball with your arms straight and both feet on the ground, legs extended. Similar to a push-up position.
2. Retract your shoulders, slight bend in the elbows, and then you're going to alternate legs, pulling your knee into your chest.
3. Go slowly if you're a beginner, faster if you're more experienced.

Exercise #2: Close-Grip Push-Ups
1. Stay on the ball in the same position as the previous exercise (push-up position with hands on the ball).
2. For beginners, start with your knees on the ground, shoulders back. For advanced exercisers, raise your knees off the ground.
3. Bend your arms and press like normal push-ups. Your range of motion may be very small, and that's okay.

Exercise #3: Downward Dog on the Ball
This exercise focuses on shoulders, triceps, and more of the core muscles. You should feel a stretch and also work your core.
1. Start in the same push-up position with all of your weight on the ball.
2. Roll back to your toes, rear toward the ceiling, stretching those hamstrings and down the back.
3. As you raise your hips, really pull your belly button to your spine. Keep all of your weight on your toes and the palms of your hands.

For more from Dewayne, personal trainer at Against All Odds Fitness, visit againstalloddsfitness.com or call (888) 327-8510.

Special thanks to The Next Level Fitness.
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