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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup used to be expensive, for the rich and famous or only for special occasions. Today, you can get the same airbrush look for less -- at home!

It's the celebrity secret to flawless-looking skin. Salon owner Rachel Gower picks four of her favorites at four different price ranges.


  • $200+
  • Small-scale professional system
  • Four times faster than regular liquid makeup
  • Buy the machine and liquid refill bottles
  • Good for covering bruises, blemishes, scars and tattoos
  • Unit about $165, refills $90
  • Small, light, compact size
  • Good for travel, easy at-home use
  • Available at high-end department stores
Christian Dior -- Diorskin Airflash
  • About $60
  • Spray foundation in aerosol can
  • Only comes in four shades
  • Available at high-end department stores
  • Dream Liquid Mousse -- Airbrush Finish
  • About $8
  • Applies like a liquid foundation (best used with a brush)
  • Gives and airbrush-like finish without the price
For more information, contact:
Rachel Gower:
Owner :
The Upper Hand Salon:

Great Waves

This season, smooth, straight hair is out! Instead, you want your hair to be wavy, natural and free-flowing.

Hairstylist Louis Lopez says, "All you need is a curling iron, a couple of clips and you have some great sexy hair." The best part, these styles can be done in about fifteen minutes at home!

Here's how:

Loose Waves:

  • Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Apply hair powder, powder spray or baby powder to add "grit"
  • Grab a section of hair -- the bigger the section the bigger the wave
  • Roll hair in a curling iron from the very end to the root, hold until hot
  • Release the curling iron slowly, but KEEP the round, circular shape of the hair
  • Pin the curl close to your head (you can do this look with hot rollers as well)
  • Let hair cool and remove the curls
  • Gently brush hair out and re-twist curls with your fingers
  • Lightly hairspray in place
Beach Waves:
  • This look works even if you have curly hair. Just use the curling iron to smooth through the hair like a flat iron before you curl. HOWEVER, DO NOT straighten the last two inches of the hair. You want the ends to be "raw" so the look is beach-like.
  • Start with a large barrel curling iron and curl sections of hair vertically (hold the curling iron vertically) toward your head. DO NOT curl the ends of your hair.
  • Let curls fall and separate them with your fingers.
  • Secure with light hairspray
Ringlet Waves:
  • Best for short hair, good for thin hair as well
  • Spray hair lightly with hairspray before curling to add staying power
  • Use smaller sections and curl with a smaller barrel curling iron from end to root.
  • Hold curling iron vertically, not horizontally while curling.
  • Do NOT break up curls with fingers, just hairspray again and go!
Wavy Up-Do:
  • After curling, separate hair into two sections -- the top of your head and the bottom half.
  • Pin the top half up to temporarily hold it out of the way.
  • Gather the bottom, underside half of hair and twist into a loose bun, secure with bobby pins
  • Twist the top section of hair the same way and gather on top of the bun you just formed, pin in place
  • Leave hair loose, do not smooth back, and hairspray
  • For one more variation, use a modern crimper (not the kind from the eighties!) and create finger waves in the front
For more information, contact:
Louis Lopez
Michaelyndon Salon

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