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5 Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

5 Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

There's nothing better than figuring out how one great piece from your closet can be worn year-round. Here are some ideas for the much-loved shirt dress!

"A shirt dress is one of those pieces that's such a great investment because you get so many looks out of one basic staple," says Linsday Aronstein, owner of Rebecca and Drew Manufacturing's Houston location.

The most important thing when buying a shirt dress is to look for the right fit. There's nothing worse than an ill-fitting shirt dress.

Lindsay says Rebecca and Drew shirts fit by bra size because you don't want your shirt to gap at the chest or to have too much material through the waist.

Also, it's very important to look for a shirt dress that matches your body shape. An A-line skirt is best for slim or straight figures, while curvier figures should opt for a fuller skirt.

Next, consider the fabric.

"So, either do 100 percent cotton, or it can have a little bit of stretch, but the most important thing is that you can launder it yourself so you don't have to send it to the dry cleaners. So, you're saving money right there," says Lindsay.

Then, start styling!


  • Shirt dress
  • Simple, structured blazer
  • Shirt with a popped collar
  • Simple jewelry
  • Statement belt
  • Structured bag
  • Conservative heel
  • Shirt dress
  • Sparkly gold belt
  • Simple gold bangles
  • Gold clutch
  • Strappy gold heels
  • Flip the cuffs of your sleeves up for added style points!
  • Shirt dress
  • Simple tank underneath
  • Layered necklaces
  • Belt tied around the back
  • Beaded sandal
  • Shirt dress
  • Boyfriend sweater layered over the shirt dress
  • Tall suede boots
  • Simple belt
  • Simple jewelry
  • Shirt dress
  • Striped shirt underneath
  • Rain boots
  • Belt
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