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$100 Home Gym

$100 Home Gym

Now there's no excuse not to workout. You can get a full body workout at home for less than $100!

J.C. Guidry, personal trainer and owner of Method Evolution, says, "A lot of people feel like they need to have a gym membership because they think an array of exercise equipment is the only way to get the results that they're after, but you really need less than a handful to get those quality results in an optimal amount of time."

Here's what you need for a full body workout in a $100 home gym:

  • BENCH - $30
  • Sample exercises: reverse lunge with knee drive, power jack, push-up and cross knee drive
  • DUMBBELLS - $20
  • Sample exercises: squat to a front raise, renegade rows, sit-up into shoulder press
  • Sample exercises: thruster, kickbacks
  • Sample exercises: plank, "stirring the pot," wall squats
For more information:
J.C. Guidry, owner
Method Evolution

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