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Show Time!

Show Time!

It's a new day, and Ali Vincent is in rush mode before the Healthy Woman event. An unfortunate string of events lead her to be unhappy with her presentation.

Ali has to go back to the hotel to change and then drive back in time for the Healthy Woman event hoping she doesn't get lost again.

As Ali is stressing out, she almost misses a red light.

"Red light! Red light!" The Live Big photographer yells.

Ali slams on the brakes just in time.

Her stress isn't over yet. At the Armory, Ali greets fans and listens to their inspiring stories. Ali shares advice on making the right choices and explains how her fans constantly keep her motivated. But as Ali is meeting her fans, she hears her presentation playing. Ali is horrified and immediately walks over to crew. Ali panics because she's just hearing now that her presentation might not be compatible with the equipment they have.

As Ali begins speaking at the Healthy Woman Event, she has trouble connecting with the crowd. Even though Ali isn't happy with her presentation, numerous fans come up to her after and tell her how inspiring her talk was.

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Ali Vincent Takes Troublesome Trip

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A Live Big Road Trip Turns into Trouble
A Live Big Road Trip Turns into Trouble
It's been five years since Ali Vincent won the Biggest Loser. To celebrate Ali's achievement, her mom Bette-Sue and her sister Holly join her in Phoenix to see Jillian Michaels' ''Maximize Your Life Tour.'' The road trip brings its share of problems.
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OMG Ali!
OMG Ali!
Ali's road trip isn't over yet. Next stop- Hollywood! Ali has an interview with OMG Insider! Correspondent Michael Yo.
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It's Rough Being Healthy
Its Rough Being Healthy
Now that the Live Big road trip is over, Ali Vincent gets back to her workouts. Celebrity trainer Marco Reed invites Ali to his boot camp.
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