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Ali Takes Rose To New Heights

Complete Episode: Ali Takes Rose To New Heights
Ali Vincent knows firsthand how being overweight can keep you from living the life you want. For years Rose Guerra used her weight as an excuse to sit and watch life pass her by. Now, she's lost 80 pounds on her own and is ready to reinvent herself, and become the mother her teenage son needs. With Ali's help, Rose and her family will finally know what it means to live the big life!
Segment 1
Meet Rose
Meet Rose
Ali Vincent is about to meet Rose Guerra, a devoted wife and mother who hasn't always been devoted to herself. She's already lost an amazing 80 pounds on her own, and is ready for Ali's help so she can finally live big.
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Segment 2
Zumba the Weight Away
Zumba the Weight Away
Although she was initially unable to exercise because of her back pain, Rose turned to water therapy and lost nearly 80 pounds on her own. Now, she dances off the weight in Zumba, a Latin inspired dance workout, and she's taking Ali along for the ride.
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Segment 3
Rose and Her Son Open Up
Rose and Her Son Open Up
With Ali's help Rose Guerra's life is taking off, and so is her relationship with her teenage son Elias. There was a time when she used her weight as an excuse, but Rose is finally ready to make Elias the priority she knows he deserves to be.
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Segment 4
Alis Big Surprise for Rose
Ali's Big Surprise for Rose
Because of her weight, Rose hasn't always been able to do the things she would have liked. Ali wants that to change and surprises Rose and Elias with the opportunity of a lifetime, a helicopter tour of Los Angeles.
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