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Ali Vincent
Vivacious and dynamic, Ali Vincent was the "one to watch" on Season 5 of TV's most popular reality show, The Biggest Loser. She won the competition while viewers in the show watched her amazing transformation from overweight and discouraged to fit and inspiring.

As a nationally and internationally ranked synchronized swimmer, Ali Vincent never thought she would have a weight problem. She was a competitive athlete! Ali readily admits that when she gave up swimming, she never replaced that activity with anything else. She had rarely really worked out in a gym and had never incorporated new activities to keep her life active. Gradually, by adding five pounds at a time, after thirteen years Ali tipped the scales at 234 pounds. Only 5' 5", she says now that she had lost control and wasn't completely sure how to get it back.

She had considered applying for The Biggest Loser but didn't complete the application. It was only when she appeared at a local casting call did she fully set her sights on winning "The Biggest Loser." Once she was determined, there was nothing stopping her. With determination, a positive outlook, and a commitment to her goals, even when she was voted off the show, Ali Vincent lost 112 pounds and became the first female Biggest Loser.

Throughout the show's episodes, it was apparent that Ali's personal philosophy resonated with people and inspired them to set new goals for their life. Now, Ali Vincent, whether attending a health fair or a triathlon as a celebrity spokesperson or hired as a "motivational speaker," inspires audiences around the world by speaking and writing about her experience and personal philosophy, "Believe it. Be it."

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