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The Burger Beat

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Complete Episode: The Burger Beat
Chef Chris Koetke shows you how to make two very different burger styles -- Mediterranean and pizza. And, Tom and Eddie share a recipe for a delicious edamame veggie burger. Plus, learn how to prepare a classic side to go with your all-American dish, and we're not talking about fries!
Segment 1
Mediterranean Hamburger
Mediterranean Hamburger
Chris Koetke makes a very different burger style -- Mediterranean.
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Segment 2
Pizza Burger
Pizza Burger
Chef Chris Koetke takes a Mediterranean burger and turns it into a pizza burger.
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Segment 3
Veggie Edamame Burger
Veggie Edamame Burger
Tom and Eddie join the show for a delish edamame veggie burger.
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Segment 4
Five Bean Salad
Five Bean Salad
This is Chef Chris Koetek take on an American classic -- three bean salad. Beans come in so many interesting flavors, colors, and textures -- five different beans make such a more interesting salad.
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