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Offal Ain't Awful

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Complete Episode: Offal Ain't Awful
Discover why offal ain't awful. Chef Chris Koetke makes a popular Latin American dish, tongue tacos. Then, Chef Brian Huston has a recipe for veal sweetbreads. And, the meal is finished with a creamy tres leches cake.
Segment 1
Tongue Tacos
Tongue Tacos
Chef Chris Koetke makes a popular Latin American offal dish, tongue tacos.
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Segment 2
Quick Salsa
Quick Salsa
Chef Chris Koetke shares a recipe for a quick fresh salsa.
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Segment 3
Veal Sweetbreads
Veal Sweetbreads
Chef Brian Huston shares his recipe for veal sweetbread.
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Segment 4
Tres Leches Cake
Tres Leches Cake
The tres leche cake is a popular treat throughout Latin America. It is soaked in three different types of milk.
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