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DIY Kids Table

DIY Kids Table

Kid-size furniture is often really pricey and hard to find. But you can easily build your own. Get DIY tips for building a custom table for your kids for under $100!

1. Decide on your furniture plans (you can find loads of free plans on the internet), visit your local hardware store and purchase your materials. You really could use any type of wood you want, but we decided to use inexpensive pine to keep cost down and because it distresses nicely -- which let's be honest, is pretty key if four crazy kids are using it on a regular basis!

2. Assemble the legs of the table. This step is really important -- you want to get them as square as possible so that the table is nice and sturdy! We decided to do A-frame legs to resemble a true picnic table, but added a shelf for lots of extra storage!

3. After attaching the lower shelf, trim it out for a nice, finished look. Achieving the high-end custom look means taking the time to add some polished details, like trim! This is the stuff you just can't skimp on!

4. Create an apron and attach it to the legs. This gave us a strong base to attach our table top to. Your table should definitely look like a table now!

5. Build the top of your table and attach it to the apron, screwing in from the under side, which ensures a seamless look for the top. For our table top, we used two pieces of pine that we sanded really well and attached tightly together.

6. Time to put on the finishing touches! Make sure that all surfaces are nice and smooth before painting or staining. We chose to do a combination of stains, walnut and grey, for a custom stain on the top of our table. Don't be afraid to mix stains to create the perfect finish! Then, we painted the legs white, and sealed the top with two coats of polyurethane and we were done!

7. This table is fabulous and ready to be used over and over again by your kids!

If you want more information about this project or any of the other projects in this room, check out Jess and Monica's blog, East Coast Creative!

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