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Organize Your Pantry

Organize Your Pantry

Lisa Quinn reveals easy tips to get your pantry organized.

Organize your Pantry:
  • Use clear containers for cereal and pasta
  • Use a wire basket for things like popcorn
  • Store like items together
  • Create a baking kit
  • Create a taco night kit
  • Use a dish rack to store pot lids
  • Use tension rods to separate trays, cutting boards and pots
  • Use a shoe rack to store granola bars
  • Try a lazy Susan for small items
  • Take everything out of your pantry
  • Clean your pantry shelves. Wipe away the crumbs.
Expiration Dates:
  • Canned Food, 2 to 5 years
  • Cereal, 6 months
  • Spices, 6 to 12 months
  • Flour, 3 to 6 months
  • Grains and legumes, 1 year
  • Dried herbs, 6 months
  • Condiments, 1 year
Organize your Kitchen:
  • Get rid of anything you don't use.
  • Replace things that don't work.
  • Use a utensil jar to store matches, birthday candles and other small items
  • Make sure everything taking up space in your kitchen is something you use regularly. If you don't use it regularly, consider creating a bin in your garage with your special occasion pasta machines, fondue makers etc...
  • Store knives near the cutting board in your food preparation zone.
  • Keep all your pots, pans, pot holders, spoons, and spatulas close together
  • Keep your baking items together
  • Organize your serving items in one place. Keep napkins, serving dishes, table cloths and other similar items together
  • Keep your cleaning supplies in one place. Make sure it it locked in a cabinet or stored on a high shelf if you have kids.

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