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Lisa Develops Design Plan

Lisa Develops Design Plan

Lisa Quinn meets the homeowner, Frank. Frank explains to Lisa some of the issues with the spare room and Lisa develops a design plan.

Spare Room Decor Tips:
  • It's not unusual for spare bedrooms to be neglected, especially if they are rarely used. But if the space is done up well, it can be a fantastic retreat.
  • You can make a room appear larger by picking a light paint color for the walls. The ceiling should be white.
  • Keep fixtures and knick knacks to a minimum in order to avoid clutter.
  • Mirrors can make a room appear bigger.
  • Make sure your furniture fits the size of your room. You don't want oversized furniture in a small space.
  • Consider lighter material when picking curtains Heavy material can cause a room to seem smaller.

A Cluttered Spare Room

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