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Guest Room in a Basket

Guest Room in a Basket

Lisa Quinn shows you an easy way to prepare for your visitors. Create a guest room in a basket.

Guest Room in a Basket:
  • Include 2 towels, wash cloths and a hand towel
  • Pack shampoo, soap and bath salts in a cute box
  • Include refreshments like pretzels, nuts and candy
  • Add a bottle of water
  • Include slippers if you enforce a no-shoe rule in your home
  • Add some fun with a novelty item, like a back scratcher
  • Include a map of tourist attractions
How to ge a Good House Guest:
  • Be specific with dates of when you will arrive and depart.
  • Bring a small gift for your host and hostess. You could bring a bottle of wine, chocolates, fruit, flowers, etc...
  • Let your hosts know your plans early on.
  • Don't overstay your welcome.
  • Keep your guest area very neat. Make your bed and put your laundry away.
  • Clean up after yourself. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Make sure you shower when it is convenient for your host. Your host may have to get to work, and will have to plan your shower around their schedule.
  • Don't keep your hosts up late.
  • Always offer to help make meals.
  • Offer to help pay for groceries if all the meals are being made at the home.
  • Make sure you can entertain yourself. If they have a busy schedule, they may not be able to spend all of their time with you.
  • Leave a thank you note and even a gift when you go.

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