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Faux Flower and Twig Arrangement

Faux Flower and Twig Arrangement

Lisa Quinn creates a beautiful faux flower and twig arrangement. It's an inexpensive way to create a big impact in a room.

Creating a Beautiful Faux Flower and Twig Arrangement:
  • Buy long twigs (you can find them at many stores including IKEA)
  • Find pretty white paper flowers in two sizes (Michael's carries a selection of faux white flowers in their wedding section)
  • The flowers should have small wires on the back
  • Use the wires to wrap around the twigs.
  • Spread out the flowers & use two different size flowers. ((don't use too many flowers, just a few for a delicate look))
  • Use the glue gun to keep flowers in place if needed
  • Cut your twigs to the desired size
  • Use a clear vase to place twigs in
You have a beautiful arrangement that will last and won't cost a fortune.

For more information about the crew:
Paint- Kellymoore.com
Furniture Assembly- Konkordassembly.com

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