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Create your own Chic Decor

Create your own Chic Decor

Lisa Quinn paints a cool picture for the guest room. And, Fabian works on turning an old lamp into chic decor.

How to Paint your Own Wall Decor:

What you will need:
Vinyl spackling
Paint brush

1st- Paint your canvas black.

2nd- Find an inspiration for your piece. Lisa took a design from the Parker Hotel in Southern California.

3rd- Draw your pattern out first with chalk.

4th- Pick a paint color for your pattern (Lisa picked a color that matched the trim in the room).

5th- Make sure you have a good paint brush. You may have to spend more upfront, but it will last longer. It will also give you the crisp edge you need.

6th- Consider adding different layers of paint to your project.

7th- Top it off with some varnish. ("Pine" finish)

Boring Guest Room Makeover

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