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A Glamorous Master Bedroom

Complete Episode: A Glamorous Master Bedroom
Anita and Eric live in Lafayette, California, with their two kids and Anita's mother. Both Anita and Eric work full time. They recently remodeled their house, but haven't had time to decorate their master bedroom. They are in desperate need of privacy and a place where they can re-charge. Can Lisa Quinn and the crew help them?
Lisa used O'verlays to customize some furniture in a recent home makeover. Now you can try it! Click here to get a coupon for 20% off O'verlays.
Segment 1
A Plain Master Bedroom
A Plain Master Bedroom
Lisa Quinn meets Anita and her husband Eric. They show her some of the problems with their master bedroom.
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Segment 2
Finding the Perfect Dresser
Finding the Perfect Dresser
Lisa Quinn searches for a dresser for the room. Can she find one that will be a perfect fit?
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Segment 3
Customize Your Furniture
Customize Your Furniture
Lisa Quinn shares an easy way to dress up your furniture and give your basic pieces a high-style look.
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Segment 4
A Glamorous and Modern Space
A Glamorous and Modern Space
Lisa Quinn turns the bedroom into a high-end retreat, creating one of her favorite room transformations so far.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Curtains for Odd Window Shapes
Web Exclusive: Curtains for Odd Window Shapes
Lisa Quinn shares her secret to creating curtains for odd windows.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: A Glamorous Master Bedroom
Lisa Quinn transforms a plain master bedroom into a high-style retreat. Check out the before and after photos.
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