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Wedding Website for Brides and Grooms

Wedding Website for Brides and Grooms

The Internet offers deep discounts on vendors and services, but there's never been a daily deals site specifically for weddings -- until now!

"I wish that I had thought of this idea during my wedding time - it's just, I know the stress that comes along with planning a wedding and not everybody, especially this day and age, the parents don't always pay for the wedding," said Brittany Bertuzzi.

So newlyweds Brittany and Cameron Bertuzzi created a website to make planning for the big day a little easier and, most importantly, cheaper!

"With trying to start a new life and maybe trying to buy a new house, it's really hard to find areas where you have that extra money to pay for that -- maybe a photo booth that may seem like a luxury or event planner that may seem like a luxury, so I think people are really taking on to it because it takes those things that might seem like a luxury and makes it affordable so they can have it to accomplish their dream wedding," Brittany said.

After being turned down to run promotions on other daily deal sites, the Bertuzzi's, who are both wedding vendors themselves, came up with I Do Daily Deal
- with the hopes of making it even better deal site than the existing ones.

"We did a ton of research on what people were saying about these daily deal sites, so instead of just having a 24 hour window -- they have three days where they can go talk to their parents -- if their parents are paying for it they can talk to their fianc� if they are paying for it themselves," said Cameron.

"What we like to do is reach out to vendors specifically who are smaller - just starting out - because they need the advertisement, just like me with the event planning, I needed that and I couldn't necessarily afford to put a big add in a big bridal magazine, we started there reaching out to vendors who were smaller and now the bigger vendors are coming to us just because of word of mouth and they see the success of it," Brittany said.

In just the couple of months the site has been up and running - they already have more than 1,200 subscribers!

"The two biggest things, I think, have been the photographers and the florist and there have been a lot of deals on I Do Daily Deal that have made that more affordable," said Jennifer Patterson.

The bride-to-be has quite a unique story, four days before her big day, her fianc� was in a serious car wreck.

"We had so much done and then we postponed the wedding by six months so we had to kind of go back and redo it all, I found I Do Daily Deals after we had to postpone the wedding so we were later in the wedding planning process," she said. "One of the deals that I got was a at home teeth whitening kit - it was originally priced for $399 and the deal was for 82% off so we got it for $69, so that's a really awesome deal." "I also did the spray tanning it was $3 for them to come to your house," Jennifer said.

The Bertuzzi's say you can expect to save between 40-90% off services offered on

"Every morning when I get up and check my Facebook page there's the new deal that's up or you get an email telling what the new deal is," Jennifer said.

And even after she finally ties the knot, Jennifer says she'll still be saying "I Do" to these daily deals!

"We want to travel so I'm really hoping that dog boarding thing comes back up because that's a good one and there's the personal trainer deals, and so those are great - I would definitely come back to it and look at some of the things that can be used anytime."

I Do Daily Deals is offered in a select number of cities, but it is quickly expanding.

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