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Rental Car Sales

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Rental Car Sales

We all know buying a car new or used is a huge expense! Periodically most companies offer some kind of deal, but one place you may not have thought of or may be a little hesitant about are rental car companies.

"Enterprise Rental Car is a very well-known brand, but what people don't know we've actually been selling cars directly to the public for over 40 years," said Devon Ader, Group Car Sales Manager.

While rental cars may have higher mileages, they are usually only a year or two old and about a third less than the price of a brand new car.

"Looking at the car I was previously interested in a couple years ago, I'm actually saving about $500 a month," said new car owner Johnetter Wilkins.

Sounds like a deal, but I know one major concern I had is the fact that these cars have been driven by tons of people, but Johnetter looks at it as a good thing.

"They have to make sure the cars are safe and secure for different people no matter where they are travelling, so I know that the maintenance it up, I know that it's a good car and I know how many users have been in the vehicle and luckily this vehicle only had one user," she said. "It was a corporate car with only 22,000 miles on it and it's a 2011, so it's great!"

When you think about rental cars you think of a Ford Focus or Impala, but you may be surprised by all the different makes and models they have available for purchase!

"Our fleet customers, our corporate customers, even the retail public -- they want nicer vehicles to rent for trips and even when they have their car in the shop, they want a nicer vehicle," Devin said. "We actually focus on 1 to 2 year old vehicles, typically 40,000 miles or less, but we have everything from small compact cars that are going to be really economical for fuel efficiency all the way up to great trucks and half ton trucks and vans."

"Right now we have over 6,000 vehicles online nationally and our customers can buy a car from anywhere in the country and have it brought to where they are," he said.

Unlike some car lots, there's no negotiating here. On the flipside, all vehicles come with a 12 month 12,000 mile power train warranty at no charge.

Most rental sales companies will allow you to return the car after seven days or 1,000 miles if you change your mind.

As with any new car, you should have a thorough inspection and get a vehicle inspection report.

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