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Inexpensive DIY Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Inexpensive DIY Photo Booth For Your Wedding

No matter what the celebration, photo booths are all the rage! But at a couple thousand dollars to rent a booth or hire a photographer, it might seem too expensive. Here's a DIY version you can actually afford!

For Kat's best friend's wedding, she had the idea of pulling out her old polaroid and doing our own spin on a photo booth. It turned out so well. It was definitely one of the highlights of her special day!

If you have an old polaroid, dig it out! There are many different kinds. For this project, Kat prefers cameras that take clean pictures, not the ones with the big white bar at the bottom.

Kat used a newer polaroid that not only prints instantly, but comes with an SD card so you can also upload the photos to your computer later!

Also, consider using the premium Zink paper, which has a sticky back, making it easy to apply to a scrapbook. You get 30 prints for $14.99. You could also use glue dots to apply the photos to a scrapbook or album.

To create your DIY photo booth, leave your scrapbook or guestbook on a table with the camera, extra film, a pen and let your guest have fun! They can snap pictures of each other stick it in the book and add their own personal note - even take a few extra to keep for themselves! You could also add themed props for them to have fun with!

Photo booth - tackled!
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