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How to Make a Bird House Out of a Gourd

How to Make a Bird House Out of a Gourd

If you're interested in attracting birds to your yard, you need a place for them to stay! Build your own cute birdhouse out of a dried gourd and save money with this easy DIY project.

Master Gardener Eddie Russell of Cornelius Nurseries showed us how to make a bird house of a gourd he had sitting in his garage. Many people use gourds to decorate in the fall. Let the gourd dry out and you can use it for this DIY project in the spring!

  • dried swan gourd
  • drill with drill bits and hole saw attachment
  • coat hanger
  • pliers or tin snips

Use a hole saw to drill a hole in the front of the gourd. Make sure it's not too low so the birds have enough space for nesting. Remove any seeds and debris from the inside.

Change the drill bit to a standard drill bit and drill a hole through the top of the gourd for hanging and one in the bottom for drainage.

Bend a coat hanger so that you can attach to the holes on each side of the gourd and hang it.

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