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How to Host Clothing Swap

How to Host Clothing Swap

Hosting a clothing swap is a great way to get a new wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

Grab some friends and start swapping, encourages healthy lifestyle living expert Marian Bell.

"Women like to shop, that's why they like stuff like this," said Bell.

She often hosts clothing swap parties and knows what works best. Here are her tips:

1. Decide on a date. For best results host a clothing swap at the beginning of a new season, when people tend to be clearing out the old to make room for the new.

2. Make a guest list. Bell suggests inviting at least 25 people in order to have a good variety of clothes to choose from.

3. Ask each person to bring at least 5 items - clothing, scarves, eyeglasses, purses, shoes, etc.

4. Day of the party: set up your area like a clothing boutique. Have a rack for clothes, a table for jewelry and other small items. Prepare hangers for the clothes and empty containers to put the smaller items in.

5. Have one person help organize the items as they are brought in.

6. A two hour party works best. Bell recommends having snacks and various food ready for the guests to nibble on.

7. Once everyone arrives and the clothing is in order, have everyone sit down and introduce themselves.

8. Start swapping! Bell says some swaps have people draw numbers and start shopping in a certain order. However, she finds it works best to let people start at the same time and shop with no limits.

9. Donate any leftover items to a local homeless shelter or charity of your choice.

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