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How To Make Money From Home

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How To Make Money From Home

Tory Johnson inspires women to make money through her business 'Spark and Hustle.' She shares a few great ideas to help you start making money from home right now!

"There are a lot of things you can do from home," said Tory, "There is no shortage of ideas, there is no shortage of passion."

1. Direct Sales: You can sell by hosting parties or one-on-one demonstrations of a product. The median income is about $2,500 a year. People are mostly using this as a supplemental opportunity. There are hundreds of companies to choose from but some examples are Avon and Stella and Dot. The Direct Sales Association is a great place to start because they have all the legitimate companies and all the rules and bells you should look for.

2. Creative and Crafty: allows people to make items and sell it to the general public. There are also learning tools to help anyone get started selling items online.

3. T-Shirt Design: Come up with cleaver sayings or graphic art and using websites, like and, create fun t-shirts to sell.

4. Freelancing: Using a skill you have, like photography, publicist, graphic design, work by the hour on different jobs. This typically works for people with a serviced-based skill.

5. Concierge Service: Offer to help people run errands, plan events, pick up groceries, kids, etc. This is a great side business to start during the holiday season when people are often super busy.

6. Virtual Customer Service Agent: or are just a few websites that allow you to work from your home, answering phone calls for national companies. Tory says a lot of companies have found Americans prefer to hear other Americans on a customer service call. Jetblue Airlines uses this form of customer service.

7. Try Out 'Gigs': is a website that allows you to do store checks, mystery shop, location photography and customer interviews to help a company be more succesful in the marketplace.


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