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How To Keep Your Handbags in Good Condition

How To Keep Your Handbags in Good Condition

When you invest in a pricey, designer handbag you want to keep them looking good, right? Kat Cosley, host of Deals, asked the experts at Wright's Pawn and Jewelry boutique about their tips to keeping your designer bags looking brand new, longer.

Owner Pamela Wright buys and sells designer handbags.

"So a person can come here and sell us last year's model and go back to Neiman's and buy this year's," she said. "We refurbish everything we get - now some of them will come in looking pristine, but others come in with normal signs of wear and age because let's face it, day to day life - you can't carry a handbag without it having some wear, you've got to enjoy it - that's part of life!"

If you ever want to re-sell your bags, Pamela says condition is key.

"If it's in good condition you can sometimes recoup up to � the original price - it just depends on the bag and how popular it is," she said.

Pamela's Tips:

1. Store ink pens and makeup in plastic bags or inexpensive cosmetic bags. Ink stains are nearly impossible to remove.

2. If you spill something on the leather exterior, clean it immediately. Leather is porous and can trap stains forever.

3. Do not attempt to repair jeweled bags on your own. Certain glue can often-times leave a yellow hue. Try returning it to the company to see if they will repair it for free.

4. For small clutches, Pamela suggests lining the inside with tissue paper to prevent lipstick stains or other debris from getting on the liner.

5. If your bag came with a box - use it for storage if you have the space. If you don't have space return them to the storage bag or use a pillow case to prevent dust buildup and protect from pollutants in the air.

6. If your bag came with felt liners - keep those and use them.

7. Do not stack purses on top of each other unless you stuff it with tissue paper. It could leave dents or creases.

8. Invest in a purse hanger for about $10. This way you never have to sit your purse on the ground.

9. Non-clumping, unscented cat litter is great for removing smells. Pamela cuts sheets into small pouches fills them with cat litter. Put them inside the purse for 3-7 days. You can also include a fragrance sachet that costs around $1.

10. Baby wipes are great and gentle enough for your purse. Wipe around the hardware and over the leather to remove any dirt.

11. Shoe polish is great for sprucing up scuff marks. They use Maltonian shoe polish.

12. Glass cleaner is great for patent leather bags. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth and never spray directly onto your handbag.

Special Thanks to Wright's Pawn and Jewelry Company. For more information visit

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