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Get Fit at Home with this No-Equipment Workout

Get Fit at Home with this No-Equipment Workout

You don't need pricey fitness machines or weights for this full-body workout routine. Check out how you can get exercise at home or even on vacation using items you have around the house.

If you don't have weights at home or your on vacation and don't have access to a gym you can use things around you to add resistance to any workout. It takes a little imagination, but soon you'll be looking at everything in a whole new way!

Turn these household items into weights:
Luggage - one arm rows, squats, lunges (remove some clothing to make it lighter or heavier).
Duffle Bag- tricep dips, add to your back for pushups.
Paint cans- Use this as a kettlebell.
Water bottles - lateral raises.
Laundry Detergent - Use these like you would dumbbells.
Jumbo Shampoo/Conditioner Bottles- Use these like you would dumbbells.

Workout : High Intensity Circuit Training Take Home Workout
Do each exercise in the circuit (all 12 exercises back to back to back) using your body weight or adding extra resistance with bottled water, suit cases, etc. Rest 10 seconds between each exercise and between starting over with the 12 exercise circuit.

1. Jumping Jacks - 30 seconds. You can add waterbottles in your hands for extra resistance.
2. Rest 10 seconds.
3. Wall Sit - 30 Seconds. Put your back against the wall and bend your knees, going into a sitting position. You can add extra resistance by holding dumbells or any household items with a handle, like those mentioned above.
4. Rest 10 seconds.
5. Pushup - 30 seconds. To add resistance, put on your back pack.
6. Rest 10 seconds.
7. Abdominal Crunch with Chin Up - 30 seconds. Add resistance with a backpack or duffel bag on your chest.
8. Rest 10 seconds.
9. Step up onto Chair - 30 seconds. You can add extra resistance by holding dumbells or any household items with a handle, like those mentioned above.
10. Rest 10 seconds.
11. Squat with hands out in front of your body - 30 seconds. For more resistance, hold a paint can up with both arms forward.
12. Rest 10 seconds.
13. Tricep dips on chair - 30 seconds.
14. Rest 10 seconds.
15. Plank on Elbows and Toes - 30 seconds.
16. Rest 10 seconds.
17. High Knees/running in place - 30 seconds.
18. Rest 10 seconds.
19. Alternating Lunges - 30 seconds.
20. Rest 10 seconds.
21. Up/Down Planks - 30 seconds.
22. Rest 10 seconds.
23. Leg Holds 3"-6" off ground - 30 seconds.
24. Rest 10 seconds.

Repeat 2, 3, or 4 times. It will take you 8 minutes to go through the circuit one time. Make sure prior to performing the circuit workout, you properly activate your muscles and warm up. Also perform the movements with modifications if needed to reduce the risk of injury or if you feel pain while performing the workout.

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