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Fixing Broken Makeup and Homemade Cosmetics

Fixing Broken Makeup and Homemade Cosmetics

What do you do when your makeup breaks? Don't go out and buy new cosmetics! Get a few tips for fixing your broken makeup and DIY recipes for homemade beauty products.

DIY BB Cream


  • Primer
  • Liquid Concealer (in a squeeze tube)
  • Daytime Moisturizer with Sunscreen
  • Foundation (optional)

Mix primer and concealer together in a pot (or on the back of your hand). Add the concealer and the foundation to desired pigmentation (the more concealer the more coverage).

Restoring a Shattered Compact

You Will Need:

  • Compact with shattered powder
  • Plastic wrap
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Dropper

Cover compact with plastic wrap. Then, break up with a plastic knife until it has reached a powder consistency. With an eye dropper, drop the rubbing alcohol in and mix until it becomes a paste-like consistency. Smooth over with the plastic knife, set aside to dry.

DIY Teeth Whitening Mouthwash


  • Favorite mouthwash
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Mix two parts of your favorite mouthwash to one part of hydrogen peroxide for added whitening benefits and to improve overall dental health. Keep in a mason jar near the sink for a cute display!

DIY Gel Eyeliner

You will need:

  • Eye shadow (loose or pressed)
  • Vaseline
  • Rubbing alcohol and dropper
  • Something to mix (plastic knife or spatula)

Scrape pressed shadow into container until it is a powder consistency (or use the container of a loose shadow). Drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol in. Use a small dollop of Vaseline. Mix all together until it makes a paste-like onsistency. If not pigmented enough, use more eye shadow until desired pigmentation.

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