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Decorating Book Shelves, Weight Loss, Restaurant Supplies, Budget Spring Fashion

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Complete Episode: Decorating Book Shelves
An interior designer shares the secrets for standout bookshelves. Plus, find out where to buy restaurant quality kitchen tools for a steal. And, discover how one woman lost over 180 pounds without spending any money.
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Decorating Book Shelves
Decorating Book Shelves
Bookshelves are a place where you display some of your favorite items. But you don't have to hire an interior design expert to make your bookshelves stand out.
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Segment 2
Weight Loss on a Budget
Weight Loss on a Budget
Weight loss programs are great ways to jump start your weight loss goals. With all the celebrities endorsing the programs, it can be enticing to sign up -- whether you really have the extra money to do it or not. We found one woman who found a way to drop the pounds without spending any money, instead getting help from her employer.
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Discount Restaurant Supplies
Discount Restaurant Supplies
You may not know this, but you can get restaurant quality materials for your kitchen at very cheap prices. Restaurant supply companies are open to the public.
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Segment 4
Spring Fashion on a Budget
Spring Fashion on a Budget
Bold colors, floral prints and neon are just a few of the hot fashion trends this season. Fashion magazines have some great pieces for hundreds of dollars but we found the same look on a budget.
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