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Decorate Your Wine Glasses

Decorate Your Wine Glasses

Have you accrued a collection of wine glasses over the years? If they're collecting dust, it's time to clean them off. Wine connoisseur Tanji Patton of Good Taste TV has five cool ways to 'wow' your wine glasses.

Party Wine Glasses:

  • Use Tempera paint and a sponge applicator to create any design you want!
  • We painted the stems for a shower themed look.
Glitzy Wine Glasses:
  • Use acrylic glitter paint and a round sponge applicator to use on the bowl part of the glass.
  • The white foam look from the glitter paint will disappear as it dries.
  • These are great to cover up those souvenir wine glasses that came with a logo.
  • Take it up a notch by adding a ribbon around the glass or the stem.
Cute-as-a-Button Wine Charms:
  • Grab some fancy buttons and thin wire to create designer chic wine charms.
  • Simply put the wire through the buttonhole, tie around the stem and snip off the excess wire with needle nose pliers.
Guess That Wine:
  • Use black chalkboard paint and a sponge applicator to color the stem and base of the wine glass.
  • Use tape around the label of a wine bottle and paint the chalkboard paint over it to conceal the wine.
  • Peel off the tape for a clean look.
  • After tasting the wine, guests can write their answer on the base of the wine glass.
  • You can write the true answer on the bottle!
Wine Glass Centerpiece:
  • Use either real or fake flowers underneath upside down wine glasses.
  • Use the base to hold candles and set any scene or theme you want!
  • Using various wine glass shapes and sizes works best for this project.
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