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DIY Garden Fountain Water Feature

DIY Garden Fountain Water Feature

A backyard water fountain can cost $500 and up at a garden store, but here's how you can make your own for under $300 with this easy DIY garden project.

Landscaping expert Beverly Welch, owner of The Arbor Gate, shows us how to DIY a garden fountain for your backyard.

To build your own water feature you need:
  • A vessel
  • a reservoir to hold water
  • any water holding reservoir will work
  • tubing
  • a pump
  • a gasket
  • clamps
  • a cinder block
  • drill
Drill a hole in the middle of the vessel. We're using a 1 1/2 inch diamond bit since the vessel we're using is a ceramic pot. When drilling into ceramics you have to have a constant flow of water so you don't crack the pot.

Now you install the gasket into the bottom of the pot. You can make your own, but that requires more parts, so we purchased one. Beverly says you have to buy it online or a garden store like The Arbor Gate. She says it ultimately saves you money by eliminating extra pieces, steps and material and enables you to re-use whatever vessel you choose to make fountain.

Add the pump tubing to the gasket using clamps.

Beverly says don't cut corners on your pump. It's very important for maintenance and you want to make sure you have the proper flow of water. Our pump is 350 gph.

Add your cinder block in the center of the reservoir. Using a hammer, we cut a notch in side of the block so the tube, which runs from the pot to the pump, lays flush underneath.

The reservoir comes with a grate and screen that sits on top of the reservoir. It comes solid so we cut trap door, to provide easy access to the plumbing. We also cut a small hole in the center of the grate and screen for the tubing. The screen allows you to add decorative rocks or glass without it falling through.

You may need help holding the vessel if it's big like the one we're using. Slide the tube through the holes of the screen and reservoir and through the center of the block and under the notch.

Lower the vessel to sit on the reservoir grate and pull the tube tight. Open the trap door, add the clamp first and attach the tube to your pump.

Put trap door back in place.

Now add your pipe. We cut the pipe to size of the vessel and spray painted it black, so it's not so obtrusive.

Add rocks to hide this grate and add water. You want to fill from the reservoir.

Beverly says you don't have to worry about it becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos since they don't nest in moving water, but it will attract birds since they love softly moving water so you don't want to add chlorine.

We purchased all of our parts new so the total cost of our fountain is $300, however if you already have a vessel you can cut the costs dramatically!
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