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Comfort Food
Comfort Food
There is nothing like comfort food. Chris shares some of his favorite recipes -- including his mom's split pea and dumpling soup. Then, a Meatloaf Queen has a great variation on the ultimate classic. And for dessert, it's apple dumplings.
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Offal Ain't Awful
Offal Aint Awful
Discover why offal ain't awful. Chef Chris Koetke makes a popular Latin American dish, tongue tacos. Then, Chef Brian Huston has a recipe for veal sweetbreads. And, the meal is finished with a creamy tres leches cake.
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Cooking with Fish
Cooking with Fish
Fish is perfect for a healthy alternative to meat. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Chef Chris Koetke shares a few easy fish recipes that you can make at home. On his menu: Horseradish Crusted Fish, Three-Seed Crusted Fish, Seafood Stew and Asian Marinated Salmon.
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Let's Dish

The Host
Christopher Koetke is the host of Let's Dish on the Live Well Network.

Cheap DIY Hair Accessories

Cheap DIY Hair Accessories
Whether you shop at a wholesaler or make them yourself, hair accessories don't have to cost a fortune.
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Photography Secrets

Learn Photography Secrets From a Pro
You don't have to hire a professional photographer to get great pictures. We have secrets from a pro to help turn your photos from just average to amazing!

Dyeing Your Clothes

Dyeing Gives Old Clothes New Life
Dyeing is a great way to revive clothes and it's pretty simple to do.