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Fashion and Beauty

Emerald Eyes Makeup Application
Emerald Eyes Makeup Application
Emerald green is the color of the season! Get tips for applying it on your eyes.
Twist It Up Hairstyles
Twist It Up Hairstyles
This season it's all about the twist! Check out a few simple twist hairstyles.
Little Black Jacket
Little Black Jacket
There's a new staple to add to your closet -- the LBJ (Little Black Jacket)!

Home and Decor

DIY Office Storage Unit
DIY Office Storage and Filing Unit from Plain Dressers
Here's how to create a functional storage unit for a home office.
DIY Lantern Chandelier
DIY Lantern Chandelier
Making a high-end looking light fixture is a breeze.
DIY Faux Paneled Doors
How to Create DIY Faux Paneled Doors
Doors can be pricey but here's how to fake that high-end look.

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Bikini Body Fitness Game

Bikini Body Fitness Game
If you need to workout, why not make it fun? The Bikini Body Fitness Game uses one fitness band and two dice.

Plant a Healing Herb Garden

How to Plant a Healing Herb Garden
Here's what herbs to use for different health problems and how to grow them yourself to create a garden that cures what ails you.

DIY Garden Planters

Inexpensive DIY Garden Planters for Your Patio
If you're looking to spruce up your patio or backyard, here are some easy garden planters you can make yourself.

Healthy Juicing Recipes

Healthy Juice Recipes and What To Do With Leftover Juicing Pulp
Here are some delicious juicing recipes and a dessert you can make from the leftover pulp!

Cool New Beauty Products

Cool New Beauty Products
Want to be "in the know" about new beauty products on the market?

DIY Chains and Lace

Get Chains and Lace Fashion Trend for Less with DIY Projects
Get this fashion trend for less with these easy DIY projects.

The Live Well Network

Knock It Off!
Live Big with Ali Vincent
My Family Recipe Rocks!
Food Rush
We Owe What?
Let's Dish
Mexico: One Plate at a Time
Home with Lisa Quinn
Hiring America
Children's Programming
The Chew
Military Makeover
The Balancing Act