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Fashion and Beauty

Date Night Makeup
If youre going somewhere special for Valentines Day or have a hot date planned, heres a great and affordable look for your makeup. Follow these easy instructions from a professional makeup artist to get the perfect date makeup.
Here's a great and affordable look for your makeup for that Valentine's Day date.
3 Date Night Hairstyles
If youre headed out for Valentines Day, here are 3 easy ways to make your hair look fabulous, without paying for salon styling. Follow our three hair tutorials to get a great look for any length hair in just a few minutes!
Follow these hair tutorials to get a great look for any length hair.
Pajama Fashion Trend
With the pajama look becoming a major fashion trend, its important we dont look like were wearing our sleepwear on the streets.  Heres how to wear those PJs and still look fashionable.
Here's how to wear those PJs and still look fashionable.

Home and Decor

DIY Stenciled Rugs
DIY Stenciled Rugs
Here's how to make your own outdoor rug for your garage.
DIY Painted Garage Floors
DIY High-End Painted Garage Floors
The garage's concrete floor makes it feel like an outdoor space.
DIY Hanging Tool Rack
DIY Hanging Tool Rack
Here's how to build one yourself on the cheap with a simple tool!

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Diaper Compare

Diaper Compare
Buying disposable diapers adds up fast. And, with all the different brands out there, how do you know which is the best?

DIY Hair Extensions

DIY Hair Extensions
Long, short, straight or curly -- hair extensions allow you limitless styling options!

10 Foods Under $1

Top 10 Foods Under $1
You don't have to blow your budget to stay on track with your diet. Check out 10 healthy foods that are all less than one dollar per serving each!

Getting Your Financial Life in Order

Getting Your Financial Life in Order
Saving money isn't as hard as you think and you may not even have to sacrifice your current standard of living.

Priceless Walks

Priceless Walks
Shedding those unwanted pounds can be as simple lacing up those sneakers and walking! It doesn't have to cost you a penny!

Rawfully Organic

Rawfully Organic
Traditionally buying organic fruits and vegetables can be pretty pricey -- unless you get them wholesale.

The Live Well Network

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