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Fashion and Beauty

Makeup Application 101
Makeup Application 101
It's time to get out of your makeup routine rut!
Striking Socks
Striking Socks
When people think of socks they usually think of athletics but not anymore!
Beauty Substitutes
Beauty Substitutes
Save on your beauty products with these low cost alternatives.

Home and Decor

DIY Modern Light Fixture
Modern Light Fixture and Ceiling Fan Update
You can update that outdated fan into a modern light fixture for next to nothing.
Modern Rustic Plywood Accent Wall
Modern Rustic Plywood Accent Wall
In only a few simple steps, you'll have a statement wall like nobody else!
DIY Desk for Two
DIY Desk for Two
Here's how you can easily make a large work space.

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Natural Garden and Pest Control Tips

Bruce Lubin, author of the book, Who Knew 10,001 Easy Solutions to Every Day Problems!, has dozens of ways to make your life easier.  He promises to cut every one of your bills by following the tips in his book. He shared a few of his favorites.
Are you tired of battling weeds and pests in your yard with harsh chemicals? Check out solutions for outdoor problems that are all natural.

Homemade Health Drinks and Food

Being good to your body can get expensive! Just walk down the healthy living aisle of any grocery store.  Healthy Lifestyle expert Marian Bell has a few money saving alternatives to common cleanses and body boosters.
Taking good care of your body can get expensive! Get a few money-saving, all-natural alternatives to common cleanses and immunity boosters.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed martial arts has become an increasingly popular method to stay in shape and practice self-defense moves.

DIY Garden Planters

Inexpensive DIY Garden Planters for Your Patio
If you're looking to spruce up your patio or backyard, here are some easy garden planters you can make yourself.

Plant a Healing Herb Garden

How to Plant a Healing Herb Garden
Here's what herbs to use for different health problems and how to grow them yourself to create a garden that cures what ails you.

Budget Wine and Dessert Pairings

Budget Wine and Dessert Pairings for a Romantic Night In
Here are inexpensive suggestions for putting together a wine and dessert that will feel like you're eating at a gourmet restaurant but won't hurt your wallet.

The Live Well Network

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