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Fashion and Beauty

Maxi Dresses
Love your comfortable, flattering summer maxi dress or skirt? Transition it to fall and winter with these easy style tips.
Transition your maxi dress to fall and winter with these easy style tips.
Detox Beauty Treatments
Detox treatments can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.  Heres how to create a homemade detox drink, two detoxifying salon treatments, and how to shop for products to pull those toxins out of your system.
Detox treatments can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Here's how to create...
5-Minute Makeup Application Tips
Stay beautiful on the go with these DIY beauty kits made from reused Altoid tins. Well show you how to make a mini-sewing kit, a tin for false lashes, hair and makeup touch up kits and a custom lip color container.
Learn some makeup application tips that take five minutes or less!

Home and Decor

DIY Cabinet Refacing
DIY Cabinet Refacing with Wallpaper
Here's how you can DIY the look of country bead board cabinets.
DIY Kitchen Island
DIY Kitchen Island from Thrifted Desk
Get the look of expensive kitchen island by using an old desk.
DIY Faux Marble Countertops
DIY Faux Marble Kitchen Countertops
Marble is a classic choice for kitchen counters but it's expensive.

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DIY Projects

Photography Secrets

Learn Photography Secrets From a Pro
You don't have to hire a professional photographer to get great pictures. We have secrets from a pro to help turn your photos from just average to amazing!

Cheap DIY Hair Accessories

Cheap DIY Hair Accessories
Whether you shop at a wholesaler or make them yourself, hair accessories don't have to cost a fortune.
Home and Garden

Repairman's Advice on Making Appliances Last

Repairman's Advice on Making Appliances Last
You can make your appliances last 10 or 15 years longer by doing a few simple things today! Here's one repairman's tips.

Dyeing Your Clothes

Dyeing Gives Old Clothes New Life
Dyeing is a great way to revive clothes and it's pretty simple to do.
Home and Garden

Consignment Furniture

Consignment Furniture
Shopping at consignment shops can save a lot of money on furniture.

Buying the Right Luggage

Buying the Right Luggage
You have planned your vacation but now it is time to pack your bags. Do you have the right luggage for your travel needs?

The Live Well Network

Knock It Off!
Live Big with Ali Vincent
My Family Recipe Rocks!
Food Rush
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Let's Dish
Mexico: One Plate at a Time
Home with Lisa Quinn
Hiring America
Children's Programming
The Chew
Military Makeover
The Balancing Act