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Fashion and Beauty

Hex Nut Jewelry
Hex Nut Jewelry
Check out how to make your own jewelry out of hex nuts.
Temporary Hair Styles
Temporary Hair Styles
Sometimes you want to change your hair, but you only want it to be temporary.
Thrift Store Shopping
Girls Guide to Thrift Store Shopping
Thrift store shopping can be overwhelming!

Home and Decor

DIY Stenciled Rugs
DIY Stenciled Rugs
Here's how to make your own outdoor rug for your garage.
DIY Hanging Bike Rack
DIY Hanging Bike Rack
Storing bikes has always been such a pain and so unsightly.
DIY Painted Garage Floors
DIY High-End Painted Garage Floors
The garage's concrete floor makes it feel like an outdoor space.

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Underarm Sweat Solution

Underarm Sweat Solution
Many people suffer with excessive underarm sweat every day. Now, there's a new solution to stop sweating!

Ali Vincent's 10 Live Big Tips

Ali Vincent's 10 Live Big Tips
Ali Vincent, the first female winner of the TV show the Biggest Loser, inspires others to take control of their lives.

Buying From Craigslist

Buying From Craigslist
When buying a new home it can get overwhelming trying to fix everything at once, but one couple found a pretty inexpensive way to do it, by using Craigslist.

Dress Slim

Dress Slim
Learning how to 'dress slim' can help you chose clothing that looks good.

Cakes for Kids

Cakes for Kids
Planning a kid's party? There's no reason to go out and spend $35 to $40 on a fancy kids cake when you can do it yourself!

Cheap DIY Hair Accessories

Cheap DIY Hair Accessories
Whether you shop at a wholesaler or make them yourself, hair accessories don't have to cost a fortune.

The Live Well Network

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