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The Teacher Becomes the Student

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The Teacher Becomes the Student

With a mountain of student debt looming over their shoulders, the Stewarts are finally ready to take action. Can Mary help them climb out of debt?

After learning of LaShawn's drastic cut in his paycheck, Mary reassures the couple that they are not alone. Off the bat, she reignites LaShawn's passion for teaching, while also cutting costs and educating the duo for a more fruitful future. Despite the daunting task of taking care of a large family on a shrinking paycheck, Mary knows that her rules can bring a brighter future to the Stewarts. But are they ready to follow suit?

The Stewart Family

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Meet the Stewarts!
Meet the Stewarts!
The Stewarts are a big family with seven mouths to feed whose bank accounts are running dry. With mom and dad overwhelmed with nearly half a million dollars in student debt, they need Mary to educate them on money management!
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Tackling the Mountain of Debt
Tackling the Mountain of Debt
Mary tries to tackle the mountain of student debt that the Stewarts have acquired, but is the reality of it all too much for LaShawn to bear?
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The Secret Weapon
The Secret Weapon
Mary unleashes a secret weapon to ignite the fire in LaShawn's belly. Will her method be the push he needs to succeed? Or will it all burn to ashes.
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